Our services

A complete production chain
at the service of the customer

A single point of contact, from design to choice of materials up to the realization and delivery of the finished product.



In the origin of the project

Be it existing models in our selection or custom projects directly proposed by the customer, our technicians perform an accurate feasibility analysis and then move to the mock-up realization or to the final product.


Mockup on-demand

The physical prototype is made by using wooden bases and foam materials. After the approval and possible changes suggested by our consultants or requested by the customer, the production phase begins.


The finished product

Sofas, armchairs and accessories
100% Made in Italy

Design products with artisanal quality realized in compliance with the highest quality standards. A wide range of materials, upholstery and fabric coverings, leather and eco-leather for endless customization options.



Guaranteed performance

The 1000 sqm warehouse ensures the storage of large volumes of materials and finished products.
In this way, Pinton can manage large orders guaranteeing the customer the shipping of the entire production batch, resulting in time and resources saving and with a reduced environmental impact.


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